Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Knit Wit

My Beautiful SIL Angela has been asking when I shall continue with the Blog. Yes I know, I have been very bad at not updating in so long.

I have given up crochet for a little while, and tried knitting for a change! I vividly remember the first time I learnt to knit. My Mother was in hospital, just having given birth to my sister Felicity. I was visiting my Grandmother, and her Mother, my Great Grand mother was there. She was knitting a jumper, and she taught me know to knit. I was 3 and a half. I look at my friends daughter at the same age, and there is no way I would trust her with two sharp knitting needles! The next time I tried knitting was when I was 14. There was a sale on yarn, and Mum brought me 8 balls of this white yarn with 8mm pink knitting needles. I must of made 3 different tops, wearing them for a few days, then pulling the yarn apart and making something else. It was the making of the garment that was the best part, not the finished project. That yarn finished up as a crochet hat.

So after years of crochet, I thought I would try knitting again. I thought that some of the things that Felicity wants me to make will look better in a knitted stitch. For practice I found a pattern that didn't look too hard and quickly made up a very nice jumper. Believe it or not, I still had those 8mm pink knitting needles that Mum and brought for me over 20 years ago! It was so much fun making the jumper, and quickly made 2 more. I wear the pink one all the time, and sent the blue one down to Felicity, and made another brown one for Mum (sorry don't have a pic of that at the moment). I was amazed that a novice knitter like me was able to actually finish a project and to be happy enough with it to wear it outside! I am now playing around with circular knitting needles, and double pointed needles. I also found a wonderful site that has everything I needed. Its called 8Season knitting. You can find them on eBay or if you want to put in a larger order they also have a website. The quality of their products and the value for money is just outstanding. Just search for 8Season Knitting. They have the most amazing stitch markers! Absolutely beautiful.

As you can see Chubba Chup wanted to get in on the photo.

I have a few things I would like to make, thing is I can never decide on what to work on first. I really need to work on some things for Felicity. I have managed to make one thing for Felicity. It was a first attempt, and I know it will get better, because it could not get much worse!

This is a 'nest' that I knitted. One of the photo props for Felicity. I resisted putting the cat into it ... it was really hard.