Thursday, March 5, 2009

Planet of the Bunnies!

Last week my sister-in-law Angela posted on her Facebook account a list of her name and various Google search terms, and the first thing that came up. What you do is type in "[your name] needs" or '[Your name] looks like" or "[Your name] does" in Google search and type in the first thing that comes up. It has the potential to be hilarious. So of course I gave it a go. The very first one "Claire needs" came up as "Claire needs a visit to the Bunny Planet", I swear its true. This immediately tickled my fancy, and I emailed Angela, and Felicity straight away. Felicity and Riley said that they would come, and Abby and Angela would not have missed it for the world. When I asked Mum if she would like to go she said she didn't want to go because she "didn't know what was there and might get eaten by a bunny". Oh well. So that's how "Planet of the Bunnies" came into our lives.
I have not had any time to work on anything today, I really need to get out my camera and take some photo's of what I have already done. Last night I thought of a cute outfit to make for the bunny I am planning on making. Angela told me today that she is busy looking for a picture of the bunny that she would like me to make. In other new, we have been looking for a house over the last few months, and may have found 'The One'. Tomy is going to have a look at it on the weekend to see what he thinks. Its quite a large house, and I am already planning all the things I can make for it! Its going to be a handmade paradise. One of the best things is it will have lots of room for all my crafts, not that it will stop me from spreading them around the house like I already do.

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