Friday, July 3, 2009

Its really really cold

Its freezing cold here at the moment, and there is a cold draft coming in under the lounge room door. I have been wanting to make a door sock to keep the chill out, but with the cold, wet days, I have not been able to dry out the sand that my Beloved picked up for me. I could use the oven, but I hate to waste the energy, and I am nervous of leaving a tray of sand just laying around with 3 cats. But its so cold now, I will have to risk it. My Beloved gave me his cold, and I am only just starting to get over it.

One of the reasons I have not posted for so long is I have been trying to get our tax sorted out before June 30. The task was made more difficult because I was sorting the various papers out into boxes, and one cat in particular loved to sit in the box, especially when I needed the box.

Calico the 'Tax Accountant' Kitty

It was wonderful to finally get it posted off and finalised. Good thing is now I am ready for THIS year

My very talented sister also has finished a photo shoot using one of the props that I have made for her. So I just had to show that off.

Looks MUCH better than my fuzzy photo.

In my defence, this was a really quick photo taken with my phone to see if it was the kind of thing that Felicity wanted. The first hat is a black and yellow striped hat and has really vibrant colours, believe it or not.

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