Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pea Pod Cocoon

I have been playing around with making more pea pod cocoons. I have switched back to crochet, as its so easy to shape. This is my latest edition
Its a little square looking, but that is from the shape of the teddy bear, not from the shape of the cocoon. I made it with green zoomy, and a size 12mm hook using hdc. I will add on the little top and bottom curly thingy that I put on the first one I made. When I was making the first one, I spent a long time searching the web for images of 'pea pod cocoons', but I could not find anything I liked. Then I looked for images of peas pods, still no luck. In the end, Felicity went to the vegetable bin in the fridge, pulled out a fresh pea pod, and said "How about this?" Perfect!
Unfortunately I made it too big. If you could hold Riley still long enough It would probably fit him as he is now, well over 14 months!


  1. This just makes me want to have a baby so i can have one of those...... And i doubt my one year old will stay in it!

  2. Are the patterns free or you sell them? Great work!